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Products of the GeneSim Project are available under the GNU General Public License, GPL for tools, LGPL for the runtime libraries included in the generated code.

Sometimes, stable releases are arranged and distributed as compressed archives. Most recent versions of documents and source files are available in the project CVS repository, hosted by Sourceforge.

The CVS repository can be web-browsed and can be anonimously checked out setting CVSROOT to:

Versions under CVS are not stable, nor necessarily working. A file is put under CVS if it may be useful for the other developers inside the project and it is sufficently clean to be seen by the public :)

Binary distributions

GS_RandVar-3.7b.tar.gz - Released 2010.11.14 - Released 2010.05.18 - Released 2008.07.03.
GeneSim tools included in this binary release: GeneSim.exe, the code generator as a command line application; GS_Driver.exe, a GUI to drive interactive simulations; GS_Script.exe, a script interpreter to drive batch simulations; GS_DML2GS.exe, a translator from DAVE-ML to GeneSim XML.
Examples included in this release: R2D2, a robot electrical circuit with 6 lead acid batteries and 5 main systems (this is the example shown in the AICA presentation); DML, examples to demostrate how GS_DML2GS translates DML aerodynamic models in GeneSim systems (this are the examples presnted in the DML2GS tutorial).

Source distributions

The source code of the runtime libraries is distributed in the binary distributions too, as it is included by the generated code. Binary distributions also comprehend the sources of the XSLT templates, which drive the last step of the generation process.

The source code of the tools is available in the CVS repository, including solution and project files to compile it under Win32 using MS Visual Studio 2003. The process of commenting, cleaning, organizing and packaging the source code is always ongoing. Eventually the housekeeping works will be done and an official source distribution will be made available as a downloadable compressed archive.


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