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Links are always hard to maintain :)

General references

Code Generation Network, a collection of resources and references to the various approaches to code generation. GeneSim is listed in the Generation Database.

SysML Forum, the official web page of the System Modelling Language, a domain specific language for systems engineering applications.

UML Resource Page, the offical web page of the Unified Modelling Language.

XML Home, the official web page of the W3C about the Extensible Mark-up Language and its related technologies.

Environments for which GeneSim can generate code

Code::Blocks, an open source IDE that uses the MinGW compiler.

MinGW, the Minimalist GNU for Windows project to port the GCC compiler under Windows.

Visual Studio, the popular IDE from Microsoft (GeneSim supports the 2003 edition).

DevC++, an other open source IDE based on the MinGW compiler (seems stopped at v. 5 beta).

Specific technologies GeneSim relies on

Xalan, an open source XML parser faithful to the XML 1.0 recommendations.

Xerces, an open source XSLT processor that implements the W3C Recommendations for XSL Transformations and the XPath language.

STLplus, an open source collection of abstract data types that extend the C++ Standard Template Library.

wxWidgets, an open source, cross-platform, C++ GUI framework, used for the implementation of GS_Driver and GS_Draw.

Other projects (we know) using XML to specify dynamic systems

DAVE-ML, a NASA project to develop an XML format to encode complete flight vehicle dynamic models.

JSBSim, an open source project for an interpreter of flight dynamics models specified in a custom XML format.

Other links

MAIOR Srl, a leader firm in Italy for transport management software. MAIOR is using SDSLib in a project for the simulation of a demand responsive public transport service.

MathML Home, a language for describing mathematics, in future may be used by GeneSim to specify system behaviour and constraints.

o:XML, a complete OO programming language in XML, may be used by GeneSim to specify language independent functions.


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