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DML2GS: a converter from DAVE-ML to GeneSim XML

This is a first example of a tool to convert system models given in other other formats into the GeneSim XML format. In this case the source format is NASA DAVE-ML (aka Aero.ML), an XML format for the specification of static aerodynamic models. The converter recognizes the input and output variables and produces a GeneSim XML file model suitable to be used to generate C++ code ready to be compiled in a Dynamic Linking Library.

Main features are:

The application currently supports the Win32 platform and is included in the Win32 0.19b binary release of GeneSim. The source code is available in the project CVS repository. A brief tutorial that shows the usage of DML2GS is also available.

Designed by G.A. Cignoni and G. Mirri; implemented and maintained by G. Mirri.

Status: working prototype.


Creative commons By-Nc-Sa 2.5 It Copyright © 2006-2009 Giovanni A. Cignoni