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DbPFLib: Defined By Points Functions Library

This collection of classes provides functionalities to compute functions specified by values in sets of points. The library supports mono and multi dimensional functions and several interpolation algorithms. The library is developed as part of the GeneSim runtime and it is used by the generated code, but it will be released also as an independent open source product. A very first version of the library is already included in the GeneSim distribution, but a major refactoring is on going. The first releases of the interpolation library will be in C++, other portings will follow according to the planned GeneSim support to other OO languages.

Designed by G.A. Cignoni and A. Salines; implemented and maintained by A. Salines.

Status: work in progress.


Creative commons By-Nc-Sa 2.5 It Copyright © 2006-2009 Giovanni A. Cignoni