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GS DSLibs 2.06 released

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Giovanni A. Cignoni

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Dipartimento di Informatica, Pisa


In brief. GeneSim is a code generator for simulators of dynamic systems.
Life is too short for manual coding.

What GeneSim does. GeneSim reads the specification of a dynamic system and produces the code that simulates the system. The specification is expressed using UML or SysML. Code is generated in object-oriented languages like C++, Java, C#.

Who should use GeneSim. The typical usage of GeneSim is to generate simulators of systems. GeneSim users are simulation engineers that need (or just like to have) the simulator source code but prefere to focus their effort on modelling the system rather than on writing the simulator code.

Project goals. GeneSim is an open source research project aiming at setting up an environment for the development of simulators of dynamic systems. In the long term, the GeneSim environment will include the following tools:

  • Code generator; the UML/SysML diagrams that specify the system, encoded in XML files, are read by the generator that produces the OO simulator code; the generator is available as stand-alone command line application and as a library that may be integrated in other development environments;
  • Test tools; the OO generated code can be compiled as a dynamically linkable library; the library can be loaded by the test tools that offer generic user interfaces to quickly run the simulators; tools provide batch and interactive simulation and support simulation scripts, log of simulation data, control of input and outputs, verification of constraints;
  • Draw tools; the modeller can draw UML/SysML diagrams that are saved as XML specifications ready to be processed by the code generator; the drawing tool provides full support to the UML/SysML sintax conventions adopted by the GeneSim environment;
  • Translators; system specifications happen to be available in other file formats, translators are specific tools able to transform such specifications in their equivalent GeneSim XML ones.

Subprojects. GeneSim is a complex project with ambitious goals. Research and implementation of tools proceeds by subprojects. Currently the following subprojects are active:

Deliverables. GeneSim source code is kept under CVS on Sourceforge. Stable releases are sometimes arranged and made available for download.

In brief. A printable, one-page fact sheet about GeneSim.


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